Maintaining and Cleaning Butcher Block Surfaces

by Jun 22, 2019Cabinet School

If you are planning to install wood kitchen surfaces but don’t know how to care for butcher block counter tops, look no further! 

Wood counter tops are a no brainer for many of us but it takes the right amount of dedication to keep those wood surfaces clean over time.  While this post focuses on wood counter tops, all of these tips can be used for your wood cutting boards as well.  In fact your wood cutting boards need just as much care as your wood counter tops.

Natural wood surfaces need to be oiled and maintained.   If you find yourself asking why, consider where they came from and what kept them alive.  Trees gain moisture and nutrients from soil that is used to nourish the wood.  Once that wood is converted into a counter top surface, the source of nutrients has been eliminated.  To keep your butcher block or counter tops in a healthy state, free of warping, scratching, and chipping it takes just a little care to maintain the beauty and integrity of the wood.

While many think that wood counter tops may be a lot of maintenance they are really quite simple!  Follow these easy tips and keep your wood counter tops looking great for years to come.

First you should always have a sponge or towel handy to wipe up spills or food before they have an opportunity to stain the wood.  Now let’s be realistic, life happens and stains are going to eventually find their way to your wood counter tops, don’t panic!  Grab a fresh lemon, slice it in half and rub the stain with the juicy side.  If you want to scrub it a little, throw a pinch of sea salt into the equation.  If the stain is really deep you can allow the mixture to sit overnight. 

As we discussed earlier, wood needs a source of moisture to retain its healthy appearance.  Invest in a bottle of oil found at any home goods store or kitchen supply store.   This oil is your key to glistening, crack free counter tops. 

To oil your counter tops follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Clean the entire surface with soap and water, then wipe dry.
  2. Cover the surface with a thin layer of mineral or wood oil, and rub in with a cloth.
  3. Allow the oil to sit on the surface for 20-30 minutes.
  4. Wipe up any excess oil with a cloth.

Repeat this process monthly for well-maintained butcher blocks and wood surfaces.

For busy homes that value an extra layer of protection, you can have your wood counter tops covered in a protective sealant. Using a food safe urethane or polyurethane sealant, your counter tops lock in to their fresh appearance.  Keep in mind that sealants are not ideal for cutting surfaces, be sure to only use these on sections that will be chop free!

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