Design Terminology

by Oct 6, 2019Cabinet School

Back Panel         A matching wood panel that is applied to the back of an island or peninsula. 
Bottom Cap  Decorative wood molding that runs around the bottom edge of the upper cabinets. 
Bump Up  When a cabinet is higher than the cabinet adjacent to it. 
Bump Out  When a cabinet protrudes beyond the front of the cabinet adjacent to it. 
Corbel  Any type of decorative support under a fireplace mantel or bar top. 
Crown  Decorative wood molding that runs along the top of upper cabinets. 
Face Frame Lip  The portion of a face frame that is wider than the side of the box it mounts to. 
Finished End  That part of an exposed end cabinet with a matching wood side. 
Furniture End  A cabinet that has a side that is flush with the face frame. It has no face frame lip. 
Island  Set of cabinets that have walking space around all four sides 
Peninsula  Set of cabinets that extend from a wall and have walking space around 3 sides 
Work Triangle  The triangle created by the location of the refrigerator, sink and range.