Countertop Terminology

by Oct 6, 2019Cabinet School

2CM  Refers to granite thickness of 3/4″. 
3CM  Refers to granite thickness of 1-1/4″. 
Backsplash  The wall behind counter areas. 
Cultured Stone  Generic term for man-made stone-like products. 
Edge Work  The style of the front edge of a countertop. Square, bullnose, waterfall, ogee, and bevel are some types. 
Engineered Stone  Man-made stone products, such as Cambria, containing a large percentage of natural stone. 
Granite  100% natural stone product cut from the earth. 
Overhang  The area of countertop that extends past the edge of the cabinet. 
Plastic Laminate  Durable, affordable counter top products such as Formica, Wilsonart and Pionite. 
Radius Corner  Rounding of a corner to eliminate sharp edges. 
Solid Surface  Man-made surfaces such as Corian and Cultured Marble. 
Stool Overhang  Minimum of 10 inches to allow knee space under the overhang when sitting on a stool. 
Surface Mount  Any fixture or appliance that mounts to the top surface of the countertop. 
Under Mount  Any fixture or appliance that mounts to the bottom of a countertop or wall cabinet.